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Legacy for 90 Years and Beyond: Celebrations for the 90th Anniversary of FUCHS Group

   Date:2021-09-28     Source:FUCHS LUBRICANTS (CHINA) LTD.    Author:CFAIE    Browse:91    Comments:0    
Note:On September 28th, 2021, the 90th anniversary celebrations of FUCHS Group and the inauguration ceremony of the FUCHS China HQ Building are held at the FUCHS China headquarters in Shanghai.

On September 28th, 2021, the 90th anniversary celebrations of FUCHS Group and the inauguration ceremony of the FUCHS China HQ Building are held at the FUCHS China headquarters in Shanghai. Staff representatives and more than 30 industry media outlets gather together to witness this important milestone in the FUCHS history.

Established in Mannheim, Germany in 1931, RUDOLF FUCHS company started to import and sell high-quality automotive oils and then produced oils by itself. Later, the company ventured into vast industrial areas and as of today, has become one of the world’s largest independent lubricant companiesWith a trail of 90 years of brilliant history, in 1988, the establishment of FUCHS China Yingkou Plant marked the formal entry of FUCHS Group into China. Thanks to 33 years of hard work, FUCHS China has become the NO. 1 subsidiary in FUCHS Group and is carrying out the important tasks of regional R&D, procurement and production for FUCHS Group. In 2019, FUCHS China Suzhou Plant——the most advanced smart plant in the entire FUCHS group became fully operational. In 2020, FUCHS Asia Pacific Technology Center, one of the three major global R&D centers heavily invested by FUCHS Group was established. In 2021, FUCHS China HQ Build was put into official use. The development of FUCHS China demonstrates the “China Speed” and every solid step made by FUCHS China marks an effective measure and decision made at the FUCHS Group to expand the Chinese market.

Looking back, FUCHS China has been committed to being the lubricant supplier of choice for Chinese customers thanks to its resilience, hard work, a meticulous attitude and a practical approach to work. FUCHS China implements the genuine “China Speed” in its development path and has been contributing to industry progress with its high-quality products. With every step made by FUCHS China, FUCHS Group witnesses solid and continuous expansion in China. Thanks to the excellent DNAs inherited from FUCHS Group: 100% focus on lubricants and undivided attention on customer needs, R&D and talent development, FUCHS China has exhibited huge development drive and vitality. FUCHS China continues to make technology innovation so as to provide tailor-made lubricant solutions to local customers. FUCHS China has become a key technology contributor and a pioneering innovator to China’s lubricant industry.

The 90th anniversary of FUCHS Group is a new starting point. Looking ahead, focusing on the three core elements of FUCHS 2025 —— “Culture, Organization and Strategy”, FUCHS Group will build on its 90 years of technology foundation and constant progress to scale new heights. Relying on digital empowerment and striving to achieve the goal of “carbon peaking and carbon neutrality”, FUCHS China will build its 360-degree lubricant solutions based on its full array of advanced product lines, in order to meet diversified application requirements for vast automotive and industrial clients. FUCHS China will work closely with partners to penetrate deeper into various vertical industries and implement its 3L and 5S strategies to embrace a win-win futurte with partners and clients!

Legacy for 90 and Beyond —— For the past 90 years, FUCHS has perfectly represented the promise of “Technology that pays back”. Let’s look forward to another brilliant 90 years of FUCHS China!

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